Shanie Rechner

Shanie Rechner
Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Registered Acupuncturist


An alumni of the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Vancouver, Shanie graduated from the 5 year Doctor program. During her 4th year,  she travelled to Taiwan and learnt in both the private medical sector and at the Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital. Her biggest take away from her internship abroad was the excitement gained to become part of a generation of practitioners who can play a role in fostering the important collaboration between Western and Eastern medicine.
Additional studies of hers include 2 years at Grant MacEwan University; There she completed the Holistic Health Practitioner program with a focus in Nutrition, Western Herbology and Acupressure.
Growing up, Shanie could always be found out on a court, a field or the ice. This played a part in her discovery of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) when she was met with a performance affecting injury. While acupuncture was introduced as a tool for helping the physical body with pain management and recovery time, it wasn’t until she learnt TCM encompasses a holistic approach that she knew it would become the discipline she would utilize for helping others.
With a strong focus on clear communication and an eagerness to educate, Shanie hopes to enhance your quality of life by providing you a better understanding of your body and overall health.
All and any patients are welcome to Shanie’s practise, and she notes special interest in concerns regarding mental health, pain management, digestive health, along with diet & nutrition.
If you are uncertain if TCM can help your specific situation, Shanie encourages you to contact her through

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