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April Newsletter

The sun is finally shining on the North Shore!

Welcome to Movéo’s April newsletter. We hope that you’re now enjoying the longer evenings, and getting outside on the weekends enjoying running, cycling, playing in the water or in the trails.

As people get back into the swing of summer it’s common to experience a twinge as the body limbers up again. Maybe your pitching arm isn’t quite what it was?

What sets Movéo apart is our team approach to rehabilitation. Book an appointment with any of our practitioners and they will diagnose and refer you to the right person in the team to treat your condition. Movéo’s Kiniseologists are absolutely unique on the North Shore – Kim and Mae compliment our other therapists with advice and coaching onstretching and strengthening weak spots.

New patients are welcome!

We are always accepting new patients to the clinic, and enjoy the process of meeting new clients, treating their condition and sending them on their way. Please think of Movéo when friends or family mention that they have an injury of some kind. We’d love to help them back to full strength.

Read on for lots of great information on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an amazing offer to try a new recovery tool for free!

Movéo is offering FREE NormaTec recovery sessions next week only!

Canadian Track Cycling Team recovering with NormaTecNormaTec is an innovative tool for enhancing recovery from a wide range of athletic endeavors.  Initially used by elite athletes in endurance sports, NormaTec is quickly spreading among all fitness levels as a clean, simple, yet very effective recovery tool.

Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation Center has recently acquired this innovative treatment tool. The patient wears two full-legged boots, which are pumped with air in a given pattern. The generated compression massages the lower limbs to increase circulation, reducing inflammation and edema. This speeds up the repairing of microtrauma to tissue, which occurs during workouts.

Book a FREE 30 minute NormaTec recovery treatment next week, April 29th – May 3rd, to see how NormaTec can accelerate your recovery.

Meet Movéo TCM practitioner Dr. Kim Graham

Dr Kim Graham

Kim graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver (ICTCM) in 2002 at the top of her class, completing 4 of her total 8 years of study in both Eastern and Western medicine. Upon her graduation from ICTCM in 2002, she furthered her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine to include the treatment of Addiction and Mental Illness. Since then, she has continued to work with a wide variety of clientele from addicted and mentally ill populations yo endurance athletes throughout the lower mainland.

This extensive training in both Eastern & Western medicine has given Kim an exceptional understanding of the human body, and a unique holistic perspective of how it works. ”Balance in all things”, she believes, is the key to leading a healthy, happy life. Since moving to the North Shore in 2002, Kim has taken advantage of all the athletic opportunities that it offers. It is not unusual for her to ski, bike, swim and run all in the same day!

The cheat sheet on Kim:

1. What makes your eyes light up in your job?

Watching people become ‘believers’ of TCM

2. What’s your favourite activity on the weekend?

Ocean swimming….until November, then it’s pools and snowshoes

3. Guilty pleasure?

No guilt, all pleasure! I’m a fan of appetizers for dinner, usually in the form of brie, crackers and grapes with a nice glass of wine.

4. If you didn’t work at Movéo where would you be today?

Probably working on the DTES. I spent 10 years of my career working in Addictions & Mental Health, and I miss it sometimes.

5. What types of clients would you most like the opportunity to work with at Movéo?

I LOVE skeptics and those fearful of acupuncture – there’s nothing like watching people transform, enjoy the experience, and feel better after treatments 🙂

If you are suffering from allergies, or are interested in knowing more about Traditional Chinese Medicine book an appointment with Kim today. You can also connect with her on Facebook at:

Treating Allergies with TCM

Here on the west coast, sunshine, melting snow and blossoming flowers puts a smile on most of our faces. But for many, this change also signals the beginning of a most unwelcome time of year. Allergy season. For those that suffer, it means itchy watery eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing, sinus congestion, fatigue, eczema, and (worsening) asthma.

Spring allergy symptoms according to TCM are seen as a response to ‘wind’ (the elemental factor associated with Spring) and other environmental factors in the same way as a cold or flu is a response to a viral infection. This ‘Spring Wind’ affects those who are said to have a weak defensive layer called Wei Qi.

Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to help boost the body’s defensive layer to prevent colds and flu in winter, and allergies in the spring/summer.

Acupuncture helps to:

  1. Alleviate symptoms such as itchy eyes, stuffiness, headaches and fatigue

  2. Strengthen the immune system to create long term health benefits

  3. Bring the body back into balance by helping to regulate the various mechanisms responsible for homeostasis

Commonly used Chinese Herbs:

1. Jing Jie (Japanese Catnip) is used widely for allergies, normally in conjunction with other herbs to treat allergic symptoms. 

2. Huang Qi (Astragalus): A classic tonic used in many formulas to treat chronic weakness and/or deficiency of Qi. It is included in a ‘famous’ formula called Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Wind Screen Formula) to strengthen the body’s defense against invasion of ‘wind’ in the spring and winter. (People who have autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’ s disease should not take astragalus without consulting with their doctor. People who take lithium or drugs that suppress the immune system should not take Astragalus) 

Foods: East meets West

1. Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Pro-biotics – have shown to have some beneficial effect in the treatment of allergies (especially food related).

2. Quercetin — Quercetin is a flavonoid, a plant pigment that gives fruits and vegetables their colour. It has been shown to help in the release of histamine.

3. Spirulina — a type of blue-green algae, may help protect against harmful allergic reactions. Spirulina stops the release of histamine, which contributes to symptoms of allergic rhinitis. 

4. Vitamin C (2,000 mg per day) — Vitamin C is mother-nature’s antihistamine, and can help reduce allergy symptoms.


For temporary relief of nasal congestion and itching, press or massage these few points for a few minutes several times a day.

1. Yin Tang located right between the eyebrows

2. LI 20 (Ying Xiang) located on either side of each nostril

3. LI4 (He Gu) located on the back of the hand in the fleshy part between the thumb and first finger

The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in treatment is to address the causes of disease (allergies), treat the whole person, and focus on balancing the immune system to create long-term health benefits.

Don’t wait! Book an appointment today and feel better faster!

Dr.Kim Graham, Dr.TCM, R.Ac

Want to learn more about TCM?

If you’re interested in TCM and would like to find out more then you can visit, a reliable source for more information. The regulatory body for TCM practitioners in BC is

Ontario has also just passed legislation to regulate TCM, and a National Certification exam will be in place October 2013 for all acupuncture and herbology creating a National Standard of Practice. BC has led the way in this exciting development for the discipline.

Events in May

The race season is really heating up in May. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, triathlete or just enjoy getting into the outdoors, there are loads of events to sign up for and mark in your calendar. Here’s a few for May:

Apr 29th to May 3rd – Free NormaTec treatments at Movéo

May 4th – North Shore Enduro

May 11th – Golden Ears Trail Race (5 Peaks Series)

May 18th – Buckin Hell (Coast Mountain Race Series)

May 20th – North Shore Triathlon


And finally…

Dr Jenn was a nominee for the 2012 Business Person of the Year Awards. We just received a copy of the video that was played at the awards dinner. Click the image below to watch the video.

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you in any way.

The Movéo Team.

March Newsletter

Spring is upon us!

Welcome to April’s newsletter. And with it, the kickoff to an exciting 2013 outdoor/racing season. It was another busy month at the clinic, with Mountain Madness’ Dirty Duo race in North Vancouver, the start of the Coast Mountain Trail race series with the Cap Crusher, and our continued work treating patients for new and recurring injuries, and preventative maintenance to keep all our clients healthy on a daily basis.

Team Movéo at the Dirty Duo

The Dirty Duo is an early race to kick start the racing season for cyclists and runners. It’s a combined race, and can be run as a relay or duathlon event. Movéo provided post race massage treatments on site, and had so many visitors we had to turn some away! What a great start to the season.

Massage support at the Cap Crusher

The Coast Mountain Trail series started in March as well, with the Cap Crusher. Movéo was at the race providing post run massage and cheering on our athletes. The race was a rousing success! Thank you to everyone who came out.

The race tents at Cleveland Dam

Meet Movéo’s new Registered Massage Therapist, Sonya Scheer

This month we are pleased to welcome Sonya Scheer, RMT, to the Movéo team! We are proud to have Sonya as a part of our well rounded team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, kinesthiologists, and massage therapists. Here’s a quick introduction to Sonya.

Movéo Therapist Sonya Scheer

Sonya trained as an RMT with the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy. She has extensive training and performance experience as a ballet dancer. Twenty years as a dancer have given her a deep appreciation for the importance of flexibility and strength conditioning, and ignited her passion for massage therapy when she received treatment for her own dance injuries. We are happy to welcome Sonya to the Movéo team.

The Quickfire Round

1. What makes your eyes light up in your job?

I love working one on one with people. It is wonderful that each day provides something new. Even when treating clients I’ve seen many times before, no one presents exactly the same from visit to visit – so it keeps me alert and on my toes.

2. What’s your favourite activity on the weekend?

I love to go for a long Sunday run followed by a big lazy breakfast and a big cup of coffee.

3. Guilty pleasure?

I really like celebrity gossip blogs, it’s a love/hate relationship.

4. If you didn’t work at Movéo where would you be today?

I would still be at my downtown office in Vancouver, I have been working downtown for 4 years. My fiancé and I recently moved to North Vancouver, and when I found that Movéo had room for another massage therapist I was delighted. I love the team approach and open learning environment.

5. What types of clients would you most like the opportunity to work with at Movéo?

TMJ dysfunction, headaches, and pain when exercising are problems that a lot of people feel like they have to live with. But, the human body is much more adaptable than we give it credit for. Through personal experience, I have an insight and empathy for injuries, chronic pain, and the specific demands required of the athletic body. I like to help people work past these physical issues.

TMJ Dysfunction and Massage Therapy by Sonya Scheer

Does your jaw click? Do you grind or clench your teeth?

Most people take these concerns to the dentist and are discouraged to find out that there is little treatment available after a mouth guard is prescribed. Mouth guards are very helpful in protecting the joint from further damage, but often don’t provide immediate pain relief. TMJ dysfunction can be very painful with symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, ringing or congestion in the ear, dizziness, and inability to fully open or close your mouth.

You may be surprised to know that Massage Therapy can be a very effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction. Why? Well, the two most common factors in TMJ dysfunction are emotional stress and muscle imbalance. Massage therapy is well known for relieving both of these.

Muscle imbalance in the jaw can be a result of multiple causes. Some of the most common examples include trauma (e.g., a motor vehicle accident or sports injury), malocclusion – how the teeth fit together, and muscle overuse –grinding and clenching the teeth. But even postural factors such as pelvic alignment can be a cause. As the jaw is one bone with two joints, the imbalance on the one side is constantly affecting the other side and creates a cycle of irritation and dysfunction. This causes tightmuscles, headaches and jaw pain.

Clicking jaw is a sign of a misplaced disc, and is often accompanied with muscle imbalance. The disc is designed to cushion the joint, and when misplaced, it leaves the joint vulnerable to wear that can lead to arthritis over time.

Now, the Good News…

The good news is that Massage Therapy can provide people with immediate relief. I have seen clients walk into the office near tears due to the discomfort and frustration and an hour later, tears of relief.

What does massage treatment include? A detailed history is taken to properly tailor the treatment. Focus will first be given to provide relaxation and treating muscles of the neck, shoulders and hips in order to address contributing factors. The muscles of mastication (“chewing muscles”) are then treated. This is a relatively short portion of the treatment as these muscles respond quickly. Each muscle is treated for a duration of 10-30 seconds. During this portion of the treatment your therapist will be careful to guide you through each step, providing clear explanation and checking in regularly.

The treatment often ends with a neck and scalp massage. After the treatment, home care is given that reflects each individual’s needs that often include ways to decrease stress. A series of 3-6 weekly treatments is recommended to restore muscle balance. From there a maintenance program may be introduced.

For further reading please check out this article published by John W. Corry, RMT instructor of TMJ Mastery course. Both Holly Samson RMT and Sonya Scheer RMT at Movéo have successfully completed this course.

Events in April

April triggers the change in season, and we all love the extra energy we feel from the longer days and warmer weather. Get out into the trails in April with two excellent running events:

My First Trail Race

Movéo has a long history supporting Run the North Shore as they promote local road and trail races. My First Trail Race offers two distances – 5km and 10km, and promises a beautiful, safe and fun race in the Lower Seymour Demonstration Forest. Register online here.

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest Trail Race, part of the recently launched Coast Mountain Trail Series will take place on April 13th and is 13km in length. This will be held on the formidable Squamish trail network. Check out the whole series and register for Survival of the Fittest online.

Thanks for reading. We hope you find our newsletters informative, enjoy regular updates on life at Movéo. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can offer any assistance in keeping you healthy, active and in the outdoors.

The Movéo Team.

February Newsletter

Welcome to February’s newsletter. It’s been a busy month in the clinic, and in our extended Movéo family. We’ve had a birth, a bronze medal at the World Track Cycling Championship, and full days of treating patients for new and recurring injuries, and preventative maintenance to keep you healthy.

Dr Jenn is back in town following a two week trip with the Canadian Women’s Track Cycling team. You may remember Gillian Carleton and Jasmin Glaesser from the information session at Movéo in September. Jenn traveled with the team to Minsk, Belarus to compete in the Worlds, and the team did a great job. Here’s Jenn with the team after the medal ceremony.

Movéo RMT Holly Samson with her son Owen

We have not one, but two new babies at Movéo! RMT Holly Samson gave birth to Owen Marcus on December 21st at 8:33am. Weighing in at 7lbs1oz, big sister Sydney is excited to play with her little brother! We are excited to welcome Holly back to the clinic in a few short months!

Movéo Rececptionist Chamyli Denis with her baby daughter

Movéo receptionist Chamyli Denis welcomed a very sweet little girl on Feb 8th who weighed 7lbs 12oz into her family! She is still nameless and we wish Chamyli and her family all the best!

This month we’re featuring our fabulous Kinesiology team Mae Nakano and Kim Marshall. Mae and Kim will introduce themselves through a few quick questions, and they have prepared an article on what kinesiology is and how you can benefit from their work in Movéo.

Meet Movéo’s Kinesiologists, Kim and Mae

Movéo is proud to have two kinesiologists on staff that compliment and enhance the work of our chiropractic and physiotherapy team. Here’s a quick introduction to Kim and Mae.

Kim and Mae

Kim graduated from the University of Fraser Valley with his Kinesiology Degree in 2012. He has worked since February 2012 as a Kinesiologist and just recently joined the Moveo team. Kim enjoys staying active by hiking in the outdoors, recreational hockey and weight training.

Mae was born and raised in North Vancouver where she competed in track, soccer, and basketball throughout her high school career. Currently she is working on finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. Mae also enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, running, yoga, traveling, music, and photography.

The Quickfire Round:

What makes your eyes light up in your job?

Kim: When I see people realize that their issue can be fixed and their spirits rise causing them to gain some confidence back
Mae: When a patient comes back the next week with improvement!

What’s your favourite activity on the weekend?

Kim: Depends on the season, but would say going for a day hike with friends
Mae: Snowboarding, snowshoeing, generally being up on the mountain.

Guilty pleasure?

Kim: Nachos and chicken wings
Mae: Clodhoppers. Did you know they were discontinued? If anyone knows where to get them, please contact me asap!

If you didn’t work at Movéo where would you be today?

Kim: Not too sure, probably another clinic or traveling
Mae: I’d be at school full time… Or maybe a nomad in Central America.

What types of clients would you most like the opportunity to work with at Movéo?

Kim: I would say elite athletes
Mae: I don’t have a preferred “type” of client– everyone is unique and interesting!

An Introduction to Kinesiology by Mae Nakano and Kim Marshall

The study of kinesiology focuses on human movement and body function. At Movéo, we kinesiologists work largely with the chiropractors and physiotherapists to create a rehabilitation program tailored specifically to each individual patient. Because chiropractor appointments are only 20 minutes long—and our doctors prefer to spend as much time as possible being hands-on—we spend extra time after treatment to teach exercises and correct posture. These exercise programs strive to increase and maintain stability, strength, endurance, and range of motion. The continuation of exercises during the recovery stage of an injury is important for a number of reasons:

  • Once the acute stage has been resolved, we want to regain range of motion and re-strengthen the injured area to original health. We also want to continue exercising safely to retain strength; this is to prevent further muscle loss.
  • To minimize the risk of reoccurrence or chronic pain, we mend any biomechanical errors or imbalances by addressing other weaknesses that are the result of, or reason for the initial injury. This will increase overall strength and stability of the body.
  • We educate our clients on the mechanics of their specific injury. Our ultimate goal is to help you become conscious of your own body so you can make minor adjustments in positioning and movement to avoid reinjuring.

We can also help you with chronic pain and discomfort throughout your daily life. Office ergonomics, mini breaks between work tasks, posture while driving— we will address these common aches and help you find relief within your busy life.

Of course, our expertise applies to more than just injuries. Pains and aches, yes— but we can also assist in modifying workouts to meet our previously mentioned criteria of building stability, strength, endurance, and range of motion. Our purpose is to correct posture and method in order to enhance performance and prevent future injury. We aim to give you confidence in your biomechanics and minimize any insecurity you may have in the gym, during swims, out running, on the field, or whatever you love to do.

Having a Registered Kinesiologist at Moveo gives clients the chance to access continued rehab, injury prevention or very specific training at an hourly rate. The Kinesiologist will keep in liaise with the other practitioners to optimize every session and maximize the client’s gains. Having someone to correct your body mechanics and exercise technique can substantially increase your overall strength and decrease risk of injury. Another perk of using a Registered Kinesiologist is that ICBC, WCB and also some extended insurance plans may cover a portion or even all of the cost.

One of the very unique features of our Kin team is our digital programming. We supply all patients with electronic copies of their exercise instructions so that they can store them on file and work on them at home. Below is an example of a worksheet.

Kinesiology Worksheet

Events in March

There are some excellent events in March that we’re excited to highlight: 

My 1st or 50th Ultra Marathon
North Shore Athletics
Wednesday, March 6th @ 6:30pm.

Movéo fan, client and ultramarathon runner Gary Robbins, and Movéo staff member Nicola Gildersleeve are among a 4 speaker panel at this event in NSA. The evening is designed to help you understand the process of setting goals and expectations in Ultras, nutrition planning, race day performance and recovery. Visit North Shore Athletics for details.

The Yeti Snowshoe Race in Whistler
Whistler Olympic Park
Saturday, March 2nd @ 9am.

The Yeti is a snowshoe race series and this event is antipated to be a big hit. Take part in both Sport (6km) or Enduro (12km) distances and enjoy the fun atmosphere, competitive spirit and good post-race snacks! You can register on race day, or on their website registration page.

Car2Go North Vancouver Launch Event
Boston Pizza, Esplanade Ave
Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd, 11:30am – 7pm

Car2Go is a flexible car-sharing style company that provides members with access to a fleet of Smart Cars that they can pickup and use on a per-minute basis. Car2Go is designed to reduce the number of cars on the road and the cost of car ownership by providing a flexible accessible fleet. Car2Go are launching their service in North Vancouver, and you can visit the event to get information on their service and discount on membership and your first 30 minutes of driving time. We know it’s not strictly a sport-health event, but we think it’s awesome that North Van residents have the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint in this way.

MEC North Vancouver Events Page

Mountain Equipment Co-op are expanding their website to include a forum for individuals and groups to post events. MEC’s event page on their website currently lists a number of training and social events in North Vancouver, including MeetUp rides, the Cypess Telemark Festival and Bike Maintenance courses. Visit their Events page and select North Vancouver in the left hand menu to see what’s coming up in March.

Thanks for reading February’s issue. We hope that you find the newsletter informative and supportive of your healthy and active lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you in any way.

The Movéo Team.

I have been a client at Moveo for approximately two years now. My physiotherapist, Larissa Vishniakoff, has helped me achieve much physical relief and personal satisfaction from various painful sports injuries and chronic conditions. Moveo is a cheerful and airy facility staffed with knowledgeable and current personnel. The atmosphere is as relaxed and friendly as it is bright and cheerful. Staff at Moveo are well-informed and au courant with everything rehab. In addition to physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services are offered. It’s a one-stop shop to consistent well-being – a glowing testament to their excellent standard of care.

Joan Fogel

NormaTec: The Secret Weapon for Athlete Recovery

NormaTec is an innovative tool for enhancing recovery from a wide range of athletic endeavors.  Initially used by elite athletes in endurance sports, NormaTec is quickly spreading among all fitness levels as a clean, simple, yet very effective recovery tool.

Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation Center has recently acquired this innovative treatment tool. The patient wears two full-legged boots, which are pumped with air in a given pattern. The generated compression massages the lower limbs to increase circulation, reducing inflammation and edema. This speeds up the repairing of microtrauma to tissue, which occurs during workouts.

NormaTec works by intermittently using massage and compression to increase circulation in the lower extremities.  The increased circulation reduces inflammation and edema, and repairs micro trauma to the tissues from high levels of fitness.  It uses the body’s own defense and repair systems to improve circulation and heal the body between workouts, training, or races.

NormaTec is unique from other compression pumps. It uses its patented Sequential Pulse Technology that imitates normal physiology. Unlike traditional compression therapy that uses one single pressure, NormaTec uses a dynamic pulse. This mimics and enhances the body’s natural muscle pumps. It propels fluids up and out of the legs, flushing the limbs of inflammation. And while the pulsing pressure works its magic in one area, there is a static pressure held just below. This mechanic is similar to rolling up the end of a toothpaste tube. It prevents backflow and accumulation of fluid in the bottom area, allowing maximum pulse pressure to work the fluid up. This copies the action of the one-way valves in our veins.

NormaTec was originally developed to help medical patients with circulatory or edema issues recover more quickly and fully.  It is still used widely in medicine to aid recovery from disease, injury, and surgical procedures.  Its effectiveness as an athletic recovery tool has become apparent in more recent years, and the newer NormaTec Sports Medicine version is designed especially for athletes.

Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre is pleased to offer NormaTec as a part of their treatment options for anyone dealing with fitness related micro trauma, pre/post training recovery, and any physiological condition that involves inflammation or edema.

Gary Robbins, a local elite endurance athlete, used NormaTec most recently in preparation for the H.U.R.T. 100-mile run in Hawaii. He smashed his old course record, finishing strong with a time of 19:35.

“I have been experimenting with the NormaTec for a few months now, having seen that it was used by numerous Olympic athletes in London. So far I use it via Moveo once a week and I schedule my hardest run of the week around my ability to access the NormaTec. The chamber style set up of the compression that flushes out the legs has certainly contributed to much less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and hence faster recovery times and the ability to train harder after a big effort.”

“What I truly love about the NormaTec though is that you don’t have to do anything but sit there and let it work away on your legs. I usually bring in a book or read my favorite blog for the thirty minutes of recovery. I use it every week and I’m saving up for my own so that one day I can hopefully use it on a daily basis. Anything that shows up on Olympic athletes, and medal winning Olympians at that, is certainly something that I want in my own personal repertoire!” – GR

The Canadian National Cycling Team has also been lucky enough to use NormaTec as a regular part of their racing as recovery over the past few years:

“BMX racing is a very high intensity, and high consequence sport. In order to train and perform at my best I put my body thought a lot! It is no surprise then, that a visit to Moveo Sports and Rehab Center is a regular occurrence for me. Dr. Jenn Turner and the rest of the staff make Moveo such a positive and fun environment. They have such a wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and are always on the leading edge with research and technology. Before or after my treatments I often use the Normatech recovery pants for a full lower body flush. Having the opportunity to use this equipment not only makes my legs feel great, but it also allows Jenn more time to work on the areas that really need it.
Thanks for keeping me on top, especially when I end up up-side-down!”

Mischa Partridge
Canadian National BMX Team

BMX pic

Moveo chiropractor and owner Dr Jenn Turner works with the Canadian Olympic cyclists. Here is the bronze-winning Team Pursuit Cycling team enjoying the wonders of NormaTec between races at the 2012 London Olympics:


Moveo will be offering a FREE NORMATEC WEEK April 29th to May 3rd, 2013. Thirty minute NormaTec treatments will be offered free of charge all week, on a first come-first served basis. There are limited appointment times, so call soon! Regular treatments are $10 per session.

To book your free appointment, call Moveo at 604-984-8731.

13Cdns-JrPod-4231-DF-MH_595 copy with textMoveo is the physical therapist for figure skating and has had Caelen Dalmer, 2013 Canadian Bronze medalist in Junior Ice Dance, as a long term client.  Moveo is part of Caelen’s medical and trainingteam and has provided services to her for the past 5 years.