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Welcome to February’s newsletter. It’s been a busy month in the clinic, and in our extended Movéo family. We’ve had a birth, a bronze medal at the World Track Cycling Championship, and full days of treating patients for new and recurring injuries, and preventative maintenance to keep you healthy.

Dr Jenn is back in town following a two week trip with the Canadian Women’s Track Cycling team. You may remember Gillian Carleton and Jasmin Glaesser from the information session at Movéo in September. Jenn traveled with the team to Minsk, Belarus to compete in the Worlds, and the team did a great job. Here’s Jenn with the team after the medal ceremony.

Movéo RMT Holly Samson with her son Owen

We have not one, but two new babies at Movéo! RMT Holly Samson gave birth to Owen Marcus on December 21st at 8:33am. Weighing in at 7lbs1oz, big sister Sydney is excited to play with her little brother! We are excited to welcome Holly back to the clinic in a few short months!

Movéo Rececptionist Chamyli Denis with her baby daughter

Movéo receptionist Chamyli Denis welcomed a very sweet little girl on Feb 8th who weighed 7lbs 12oz into her family! She is still nameless and we wish Chamyli and her family all the best!

This month we’re featuring our fabulous Kinesiology team Mae Nakano and Kim Marshall. Mae and Kim will introduce themselves through a few quick questions, and they have prepared an article on what kinesiology is and how you can benefit from their work in Movéo.

Meet Movéo’s Kinesiologists, Kim and Mae

Movéo is proud to have two kinesiologists on staff that compliment and enhance the work of our chiropractic and physiotherapy team. Here’s a quick introduction to Kim and Mae.

Kim and Mae

Kim graduated from the University of Fraser Valley with his Kinesiology Degree in 2012. He has worked since February 2012 as a Kinesiologist and just recently joined the Moveo team. Kim enjoys staying active by hiking in the outdoors, recreational hockey and weight training.

Mae was born and raised in North Vancouver where she competed in track, soccer, and basketball throughout her high school career. Currently she is working on finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University with a concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation. Mae also enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, running, yoga, traveling, music, and photography.

The Quickfire Round:

What makes your eyes light up in your job?

Kim: When I see people realize that their issue can be fixed and their spirits rise causing them to gain some confidence back
Mae: When a patient comes back the next week with improvement!

What’s your favourite activity on the weekend?

Kim: Depends on the season, but would say going for a day hike with friends
Mae: Snowboarding, snowshoeing, generally being up on the mountain.

Guilty pleasure?

Kim: Nachos and chicken wings
Mae: Clodhoppers. Did you know they were discontinued? If anyone knows where to get them, please contact me asap!

If you didn’t work at Movéo where would you be today?

Kim: Not too sure, probably another clinic or traveling
Mae: I’d be at school full time… Or maybe a nomad in Central America.

What types of clients would you most like the opportunity to work with at Movéo?

Kim: I would say elite athletes
Mae: I don’t have a preferred “type” of client– everyone is unique and interesting!

An Introduction to Kinesiology by Mae Nakano and Kim Marshall

The study of kinesiology focuses on human movement and body function. At Movéo, we kinesiologists work largely with the chiropractors and physiotherapists to create a rehabilitation program tailored specifically to each individual patient. Because chiropractor appointments are only 20 minutes long—and our doctors prefer to spend as much time as possible being hands-on—we spend extra time after treatment to teach exercises and correct posture. These exercise programs strive to increase and maintain stability, strength, endurance, and range of motion. The continuation of exercises during the recovery stage of an injury is important for a number of reasons:

  • Once the acute stage has been resolved, we want to regain range of motion and re-strengthen the injured area to original health. We also want to continue exercising safely to retain strength; this is to prevent further muscle loss.
  • To minimize the risk of reoccurrence or chronic pain, we mend any biomechanical errors or imbalances by addressing other weaknesses that are the result of, or reason for the initial injury. This will increase overall strength and stability of the body.
  • We educate our clients on the mechanics of their specific injury. Our ultimate goal is to help you become conscious of your own body so you can make minor adjustments in positioning and movement to avoid reinjuring.

We can also help you with chronic pain and discomfort throughout your daily life. Office ergonomics, mini breaks between work tasks, posture while driving— we will address these common aches and help you find relief within your busy life.

Of course, our expertise applies to more than just injuries. Pains and aches, yes— but we can also assist in modifying workouts to meet our previously mentioned criteria of building stability, strength, endurance, and range of motion. Our purpose is to correct posture and method in order to enhance performance and prevent future injury. We aim to give you confidence in your biomechanics and minimize any insecurity you may have in the gym, during swims, out running, on the field, or whatever you love to do.

Having a Registered Kinesiologist at Moveo gives clients the chance to access continued rehab, injury prevention or very specific training at an hourly rate. The Kinesiologist will keep in liaise with the other practitioners to optimize every session and maximize the client’s gains. Having someone to correct your body mechanics and exercise technique can substantially increase your overall strength and decrease risk of injury. Another perk of using a Registered Kinesiologist is that ICBC, WCB and also some extended insurance plans may cover a portion or even all of the cost.

One of the very unique features of our Kin team is our digital programming. We supply all patients with electronic copies of their exercise instructions so that they can store them on file and work on them at home. Below is an example of a worksheet.

Kinesiology Worksheet

Events in March

There are some excellent events in March that we’re excited to highlight: 

My 1st or 50th Ultra Marathon
North Shore Athletics
Wednesday, March 6th @ 6:30pm.

Movéo fan, client and ultramarathon runner Gary Robbins, and Movéo staff member Nicola Gildersleeve are among a 4 speaker panel at this event in NSA. The evening is designed to help you understand the process of setting goals and expectations in Ultras, nutrition planning, race day performance and recovery. Visit North Shore Athletics for details.

The Yeti Snowshoe Race in Whistler
Whistler Olympic Park
Saturday, March 2nd @ 9am.

The Yeti is a snowshoe race series and this event is antipated to be a big hit. Take part in both Sport (6km) or Enduro (12km) distances and enjoy the fun atmosphere, competitive spirit and good post-race snacks! You can register on race day, or on their website registration page.

Car2Go North Vancouver Launch Event
Boston Pizza, Esplanade Ave
Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd, 11:30am – 7pm

Car2Go is a flexible car-sharing style company that provides members with access to a fleet of Smart Cars that they can pickup and use on a per-minute basis. Car2Go is designed to reduce the number of cars on the road and the cost of car ownership by providing a flexible accessible fleet. Car2Go are launching their service in North Vancouver, and you can visit the event to get information on their service and discount on membership and your first 30 minutes of driving time. We know it’s not strictly a sport-health event, but we think it’s awesome that North Van residents have the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint in this way.

MEC North Vancouver Events Page

Mountain Equipment Co-op are expanding their website to include a forum for individuals and groups to post events. MEC’s event page on their website currently lists a number of training and social events in North Vancouver, including MeetUp rides, the Cypess Telemark Festival and Bike Maintenance courses. Visit their Events page and select North Vancouver in the left hand menu to see what’s coming up in March.

Thanks for reading February’s issue. We hope that you find the newsletter informative and supportive of your healthy and active lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you in any way.

The Movéo Team.

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