Mischa Partridge

Mischa Partridge

Certified Athletic Therapist

Email: mischa@moveo.ca


Mischa Partridge is a Certified Athletic Therapist who completed his Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. As an athletic therapist, Mischa is also a certified first responder and a member of the National and Provincial Athletic Therapy Associations.


Prior to his post secondary education, Mischa spent seven years competing as a professional cyclist, as a member of both the National BMX and National Track cycling teams. Still an active cyclist, Mischa coaches the Provincial BMX team, and enjoys riding his mountain bike and gravel bike. Competing in these high-risk sports, Mischa has dealt personally with many injuries and in turn developed an interest and great appreciation for the world of rehabilitation. Along with his passion for high performance sport, this became a major inspiration for pursuing his career as a therapist.


Since graduating, Mischa has worked as a field therapist for many different sports including hockey, soccer, field hockey, basketball, rugby, and others. To this point in his career Mischa has travelled to World Cup competitions with the Canadian National BMX team, and attended the 2019 Pan American Games with the Women’s National Volleyball team who he continues to work with.


A thorough assessment both globally and specific to the area of concern allows Mischa to understand the nature and severity of dysfunction. Utilizing manual therapy techniques to restore proper function and therapeutic exercise to reinforce correct movement patterns, you can expect a more active style of treatment. With a strong understanding of training for performance, Mischa is passionate about ensuring athletes are properly prepared for their return to training and competition.


Mischa is a believer that keeping the body moving is a key aspect to maintaining quality of life. Whether it is helping his clients get through the day pain free or back to their favorite weekend activity, Mischa understands that working together with clients is essential in their rehabilitation process.


Mischa is a coffee lover, and away from work you will likely find him outside in nature or in the kitchen cooking.


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