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Julie Cristobal

Julie Cristobal


Registered Massage Therapist



Julie graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2011, receiving her diploma for completing the 3000 hour program and has been practicing as a full time RMT since her graduation. For five years she worked in Burnaby treating repeat clientele through her busy practice, working with and learning from an experienced team of dedicated physios, kinesiologists, chiropractors and other RMTs. Julie’s treatments are generally flowy and relaxing with Swedish, myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point release & stretching along with other therapeutic techniques depending on what presents. In 2016 she took a pregnancy massage course as well as a birth/labor/postpartum massage course. Julie really enjoys pregnancy massage to help reduce the aches and pains that sometimes come along with it. She incorporates patient home care into her practice for those who require prolonged treatment at home. 

On a personal note, Julie loves getting outside and staying active in her spare time with the gym and hiking. She loves camping and is an avid concert-goer. She also has an interest in travel, visiting somewhere new every year.