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At Movéo our vision is to pave the way in a new culture of comprehensive team-based rehabilitation.

The uniqueness of service delivery at Movéo lies in our team approach to client care. The coordinated effort of our multidisciplinary team ensures that each client receives the right kind of treatment at the right time in the course of their rehabilitation. Open communication between practitioners in addition to the referring physician ensures that care is focused and efficient .

Clients typically require fewer treatment sessions due to the increased efficacy of having a “team” working on their case.

Mission Statement

Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre will help clients to reach their maximal health and performance potential through the provision of comprehensive and innovative rehabilitation and sport-specific training by a skilled team of multidisciplinary health care professionals.


What Team Means at MovéoEFFECTIVENESS
Ensures the RIGHT treatment at the RIGHT time

Consistent communication within Movéo & with oustide partners

Clear goals and coordinated treatment plan

Combined knowledge & experience of a diverse team

Working together toward common goals

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Justin KrippsDr. Turner and Moveo Sport and Rehab Centre have been a great help for me since the beginning of my bobsleigh career.  My first international trip on the National Development Team was accompanied by Dr. Turner and she did a great job adapting to the demanding bobsleigh environment.  Now years later after competing in the Olympics and preparing for another I still go back to Moveo to get work done by Dr. Turner and the team whenever I can.  Thanks for keeping me together Moveo!


Justin Kripps


2010 Olympian