Enjoy our spacious, open concept clinic equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and functional training resources. Our fun team and relaxed clinic atmosphere create an ideal environment to pursue your rehabilitation or training needs.

5 private rooms are available for Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and consultations. Our bright open space with 6 treatment tables is a great feature of our clinic that patients love!

We have a treadmill for rehabilitation of injury, lactate balance point testing, and gait/running analysis, as well as a recumbent bike. Computrainers and bike trainers allow us to do bike analyses and also lactate testing for cyclists.

Our gym area also includes a squat rack, olympic barbell, functional trainer cable machine, a range of dumbbells and kettlebells, and other strength and rehabilitation equipment. All of this is fully utilized by all our therapists and for active rehabilitation with our kinesiologists.

The clinic is fully wheelchair accessible and equipped with specialized neurological equipment including parallel bars and an active-passive trainer. We also provide a change room with lockers for clients who are training or receiving treatment. A pregnancy pillow is available to make any treatments much more comfy for those “expecting”.

Chances of running into Professional and Olympic athletes are also high at Movéo. Check out some of the paraphernalia we have on display while you are rehabbing your own injury.

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