On March 11 2012 I suffered a serious accident while working on the railway, when I was run over by the rail cars we were switching out and my foot was seriously crushed, my ankle was compound fractured and my rib was broken.After the first surgery I was told that the foot would likely be not very viable and I would eventually need a prosthetic foot. However they did eventually save the foot with further reconstructive surgery, however the chances of returning to work to my original conductors job would be next to impossible given the amount of damage suffered and the demands of climbing up and down ladders and walking on gravel and uneven ground.After much wound care to save the foot from infection,(thank God for the nurses and silver dressing) I was able to begin physio.After starting off with Herman at Moveo, Larissa came on .
I received physio treatments every Tues and Thurs day from Sept – June, 10 months. This involved exercises, acupuncture, stretching and message.I could not have asked for better care.Larissa was able to implement the precise strategy to restore muscles in my foot that eventually helped me to recover sufficiently to return to my original job which work safe was arguing that I’d never be able to, given the severity of the injury.
Larissa, was in my court the whole time, stressing and advocating that I was continually making progress and not to dismiss my return so quickly.
While the physio care, message , acupuncture was all amazingly thorough, what I really noticed the biggest difference with Moveo was that while Larissa would push me at times, she listened to me when it was too much and eased off, where that was not always the case with other injurys I’d received treatment for in the past, and would be set back because of.
Larissa and Moveo played a huge part in my recovery, and I’m now back to work as a road conductor, taking on even bigger challenges and even more gainfully employed than I could have ever hoped or for awhile thought was possible.
Thanks to Larissa for never giving up or compromising, I continued to make progress.
I hope for everyone who is injured that they will find the same help I did from Moveo.
Wally Burrows

I have been seeing Jenn recently for help with an injury when I had a fall and had quite severe edema on my left leg.  Jenn suggested I try 20 minutes with the NormaTec Pro Recovery System.  The results were amazing.  The next morning the edema was 95% gone and the swelling in my left was greatly reduced.  I would not hesitate to get further treatment with this equipment.  Thanks Jenn for the recommendation.


A. leN.

BMX racing is a very high intensity, and high consequence sport. In order to train and perform at my best I put my body thought a lot! It is no surprise then, that a visit to Movéo Sport & Rehabilitation Centre is a regular occurrence for me. Dr. Jenn Turner and the rest of the staff make Movéo such a positive and fun environment. They have such a wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and are always on the leading edge with research and technology. Before or after my treatments I often use the Normatech recovery pants for a full lower body flush. Having the opportunity to use this equipment not only makes my legs feel great, but it also allows Jenn more time to work on the areas that really need it. Thanks for keeping me on top, especially when I end up up-side-down!


Mischa Partridge

Canadian National BMX Team




‘Sonya has greatly helped me in the areas of nerve pain, muscle-weakness as well as TMJ. I can’t say enough about her techniques in both pinpointing the root of pain and weak points, as well as her methods in helping to relieve such areas. This is also where Sonya has been able to use her TMJ-specific training to help with my jaw pain as well. She goes above and beyond to help her client’s get to a place of better health. From my experience, Sonya really learns to understand each clients’ specific issues, and tailors her massage style for optimal results. You are in good hands with Sonya!’


I have been a client at Moveo for approximately two years now. My physiotherapist, Larissa Vishniakoff, has helped me achieve much physical relief and personal satisfaction from various painful sports injuries and chronic conditions. Moveo is a cheerful and airy facility staffed with knowledgeable and current personnel. The atmosphere is as relaxed and friendly as it is bright and cheerful. Staff at Moveo are well-informed and au courant with everything rehab. In addition to physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services are offered. It’s a one-stop shop to consistent well-being – a glowing testament to their excellent standard of care.

Joan Fogel

13Cdns-JrPod-4231-DF-MH_595 copy with textMoveo is the physical therapist for figure skating and has had Caelen Dalmer, 2013 Canadian Bronze medalist in Junior Ice Dance, as a long term client.  Moveo is part of Caelen’s medical and trainingteam and has provided services to her for the past 5 years.










Ric WoodsEach one of us in the Ride to Conquer Cancer picture, Ric, Brandon, Devon and David, have often used the services of Jenn and Sarah at Moveo to prepare us for athletics, to ease our pain from exercise and to deal with injuries incurred in the process of meeting our athletic challenges. We couldn’t be happier. They know what they are doing and prove it with results.


All the best from “the Boys”.

Pan Am Games 2011  - Cycling TrackI have been working with Dr. Jenn Turner since 2009. I am a member of the Canadian National Track Cycling team and during my time working with her I have won 3 World Cup medals, 5 national championship titles, and have become an Olympian. Dr. Jenn Turner approaches her work with enthusiasm and passion. She tackles my injuries and problem areas at the root of their causes with many approaches such as ART and Graston Technique, as well as chiropractic adjustments. I can always count on Dr. Jenn Turner to keep my body in high performance form.


Laura Brown

Canadian Olympic Track Cycling Team 2012

I’ve gone to Dr. Kim Graham for acupuncture over the last few months, and have found it enormously helpful.  She knows exactly what areas of my body needs the most attention….sometimes when I don’t even realize there’s a problem!  She’s helped me get over overwhelming pain.  I almost couldn’t walk from plantar fasciitis in my left foot, but have left after a treatment with Dr. Kim completely relieved from the soreness in my heel.  It hasn’t been an overnight cure, but with her acupuncture “pins” working their magic, I’m confident that she will open up my meridians, so my body can work as it should.  She’s a must try to believe it works!


– Linda

Ellie GreenwoodThanks Kim for being out there and appreciated your work – legs are not too bad today I’m sure in part due to your magic!


– Ellie Greenwood, 1st place 2012 Western States 100 miler, 2012 Vancouver Marathon, 2012 Knee Knacker, and a TON of other races.

I have been working with Dr Graham since Oct of 2011.  I began seeing her after a car accident that left me with very sore neck and shoulders.  I was very impressed with the techniques Dr Graham used for treatment including: acupuncture, cupping, acupressure, etc.  I found great relief from her treatments and really liked how she explained the Chinese Medicine treatments and theory’s to me so I understood my treatment.  Dr Graham worked closely with the chiropractor at MOVEO to provide complimentary treatments.  I found this combination to be VERY effective in reducing pain and increasing my mobility.  Just as I was winding down my treatments, feeling much better from the car accident, I found out that I was pregnant.  When I told Dr Graham, much to my surprise, she said that Chinese Medicine is very effective in managing pregnancy symptoms.  I couldn’t believe the difference her treatments made to my morning sickness, sleep, and fatigue.  My intense nausea would almost disappear the few days following a treatment which provided much needed relief from my otherwise constant “morning sickness.”  I thought it was like magic!


I have now become a Chinese Medicine advocate and tell almost anyone that will listen!  I strongly recommend you see Dr Kim Graham at the MOVEO clinic.  She has helped me so much and is a pleasure to work with.  The whole atmosphere at MOVEO is friendly, personable, yet professional.



Meaghan Hall

Justin KrippsDr. Turner and Moveo Sport and Rehab Centre have been a great help for me since the beginning of my bobsleigh career.  My first international trip on the National Development Team was accompanied by Dr. Turner and she did a great job adapting to the demanding bobsleigh environment.  Now years later after competing in the Olympics and preparing for another I still go back to Moveo to get work done by Dr. Turner and the team whenever I can.  Thanks for keeping me together Moveo!


Justin Kripps


2010 Olympian




Gary RobbinsThe entire staff at Movéo are incredibly kind, active, and genuine. If something tweaks during my training these days I don’t stress like I used to, I simply head on over to Movéo and I know I’ll be back to running again in no time.



Speed Record Holder- East Coast Trail, 215km
Speed Record Holder- West Coast Trail, 75k
1st place- HURT Hawaii

Dr. Turner is a successful entrepreneur, athlete, and Chiropractor.  Jenn has worked diligently for many years to obtain her current success and she will continue to do so for years to come–always with a big smile on her face and enthusiasm.  We have been referring individuals between each other for 3 years and all of my clients are more than comfortable when they are treated by Dr. Turner.  Jenn always greets her patients with a warm presence.


In addition to Dr. Turner’s authentic enthusiasm, she is also an accomplished business woman.  She has been part owner of Moveo for years while starting a new clinic in Chilliwack with great success.  It is impressive and inspirational to watch Jenn achieve in business as it relates to improving her clients quality of life.


Jenn’s spare time is spent training in whatever endurance sport she decides to excel in, like triathlon or running.  This aspect of Jenn’s life helps her to connect with the large number of athletes that she treats on a daily basis.  She understands what an athlete experiences when experiencing an injury.


Finally, Dr. Turner is highly educated and utilizes her knowledge to creatively and effectively solve injuries in patients.  Not only do I refer my clients to Jenn with great success, but I am also a patient of hers.  The results that I have seen from Jenn’s work on clients has impressed me from day one of knowing of her.


It is without a doubt that there are few practitioners that can claim the same achievements in popularity, business, and athleticism.


-Ceilidh Beck, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach, Registered Kinesiologist and Owner of Beck Athletics