If you’ve experienced pain for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of physiotherapy. Though most people are a little familiar with the treatment options, you probably still have some questions. Here are the answers to some common questions to give you a better understanding of what to expect when you visit your North Vancouver physiotherapist at Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also referred to as physical therapy, is a treatment to help maintain, restore and maximize your physical strength, movement and overall well-being. It does this by addressing underlying physical issues. Physiotherapy can relieve pain and facilitate healing and rehabilitation after injury, surgery and medical problems. It is often recommended for joint, muscular and nerve conditions caused by illness, injury or disability.

What Conditions Does Physiotherapy Help With?

Physiotherapy can provide relief for a wide range of health conditions, particularly those concerning joints, bones, soft tissues and nerves. This kind of treatment is ideal for:

  • Relieving pain and stiffness in the back, neck, hips, foot and shoulder muscles
  • Managing chronic illnesses like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease
  • Improving movement
  • Healing after childbirth
  • Recovering after an accident, stroke, occupational injury, and sports injury
  • Working on balance to prevent slips and falls
  • Reducing the need for surgery
  • Adapting to a new artificial limb
  • Learning how to use assistive devices like canes and walkers

If you’re unsure if physiotherapy is right for you, call to speak with one of our knowledgeable North Vancouver physiotherapists.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

The first time you see a physiotherapist, they request the full details of your condition, including your medical history and any medication you take. They may also ask about the nature of your work and the hobbies or sports you participate in. Your physiotherapist then conducts a comprehensive physical examination to determine the nature and cause of your complaint. Once they determine the cause of your issue and reach a working diagnosis, they tailor the best treatment program for you.

Is Physiotherapy Painful?

Because physiotherapy may be addressing areas that are already painful, the treatment can cause some discomfort. Your physiotherapist will give you an overview of what to expect before, during and after your treatment. They will also let you know what reaction the treatment may cause. At Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre, our North Vancouver physiotherapists make sure you experience minimal discomfort and provide you with all the information you need. Depending on the treatment type, some of our physiotherapists also do needling and acupuncture and soft tissue work.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral?

Physiotherapists are primary access practitioners. That means you don’t need a formal referral from a doctor to receive treatment. In some cases, your doctor or surgeon may refer you for treatment if you experience persistent pain, have been in an accident, or sustained sports injuries. If your health insurance provider covers physiotherapy, they may require a doctor’s referral to facilitate reimbursement.

What Should I Wear?

To make your session comfortable, consider the location of your issue when choosing your clothes. For example, shorts are a good idea if you have a knee injury, whereas a tank top is ideal if your shoulder is injured. The more comfortably you dress, the more comfortable your session will be.

How Often Will I Need Treatment?

The number of treatment sessions you’ll need depends on the nature of your injury and your health. It can also vary depending on your goals and expectations for the end of treatment and how long you wait before seeing a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will be in a better position to tell you how long treatment will take after they’ve made a diagnosis.

Are You Looking for a North Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic?

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