Moveo is Moving!!!

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We are very excited to announce that after a lot of searching, we have found a new home for Moveo! Rest assured we’re only moving a few blocks away and we are going to be expanding to better serve our patients and the North Shore community. The official date is set for November 1, 2014 and we will definitely be busy until then. We are currently in the planning and designing phase and construction should begin in the next few weeks.

Some of the major features we are looking forward to sharing with you include ground floor space with lots of sunlight in a beautiful new building, more treatment rooms to better accommodate our patients, a bigger gym space, online booking to make booking an appointment as easy as possible, and expanding our team to provide the best care possible. We appreciate all the support of our current Moveo community and are very excited for the future home of Moveo! Stay tuned for updates on the expansion and news about a grand opening event!

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Welcome to Abigail Iris Hu!

On July 26th, Sonya Scheer RMT welcomed to the world, her baby daughter, Abigail Iris. Abby was 8 pounds and 8 ounces of healthy baby girl and was fashionably late at 11 days over her due date.

Moveo at the BMX World Championships

Dr. Jenn Turner traveled to the 2014 BMX World Championships ‎in Rotterdam, Netherlands this past week with the National Team. With family in tow, she was in charge of 5 elite men, 2 elite women and a 16 year old challenge rider. Working with most of these athletes regularly at Moveo, it was a natural fit to continue working with them on the road!

Canada’s successes were measured by a pair of gold medals in the age group categories- one by Moveo fan Alex Tougas in the 16 year old category! Olympian and a face often seen around Moveo, Tory Nyhaug made history for Canada by being the first male BMX’er to medal at world championships! We congratulate Tory on his medal and Jenn was glad she and family were there to witness his success!

Moveo at the Commonwealth Games

Moveo’s Christin Sadler RMT was among the therapists at the prestigious Commonwealth Games with Swimming Canada.

The Team was successful at grabbing 11 medals, two more than during the last Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Multiple Canadian records were set. Christin says Scotland was a fantastic host country and her time there was truly a wonderful experience.

This was the first of two major swim meets for the team. They’ve also competed in the Pan-Pacific Championships. Go Canada!

Enjoying North Shore Hiking

Throughout the summer when the sun comes out, many people in the North Shore can enjoy the beautiful hiking trails. The most popular trail of course is the Grouse Grind; more known for its difficulty than its scenery. Just east of the Grind is the BCMC trail, a steep trail that is about 3km in length. If you want to travel to Cypress Mountain make sure to do the Eagle Bluffs which has a breath taking view at the end.  Brother’s Creek Loop is known for its waterfalls and red cedars it is also a must do trail for this summer.

With any exercise one may experience injury. Among the most common injuries for hikers are overuse injuries such as patella femoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and acute injuries such as ankle and wrist sprains, and ACL sprains. For ongoing pain or serious injury please see one of our friendly practioners at Moveo to help you keep active this summer!

Patella Femoral Syndrome

What it is: Pain about the kneecap that is worse walking on inclines and after sitting for long periods of time.

Helpful Hints: Ice the front of the knee (20 minutes on and 40 minutes off). Stretch the outside part of the quadriceps, stretch the hip flexors. Strengthen the inside part of the quadriceps

Plantar Fasciitis

What it is: Pain along the inside edge of the heel near the arch of the foot. Pain is usually worse in the morning.

Helpful Hints: Rolling along the arch of the foot with a tennis ball, golf ball, or a frozen water bottle. Towel Scrunches

Ankle Inversion Sprain

How it may occur: The combination of the uneven terrain and beautiful but distracting scenery may cause a hiker to fall

Helpful Hints: Ice (20 minutes on 40 minutes off). Elevate leg while sleeping; avoid weight bearing activities for 3-4 days depending on the severity of the sprain.

Wrist Sprain

How it may occur: Same as above. Falling on a hyper extended wrist is the most common way for a sprain to occur.

Helpful Hints: RICE (rest, compression and ice). Hand strengthening exercises should be done as soon as possible

ACL Sprains

Signs and Symptoms: May experience a pop followed by immediate disability. The knee may feel like it is shifting.

How it may occur: Running fast then suddenly decelerating and changing directions.

Helpful Hints: Working on proprioception on an unstable surface may reduce the incidence of the injury.

The type of footwear is also important in preventing injuries as well as maintaining comfort throughout the hike.

  1. Light Hiking Shoes: These shoes are usually low cut and have a flexible mid sole. These shoes are ideal for day hikes and for people carrying light loads.
  2. Hiking Boots: These boots are made with a mid to high cut and have a flexible mid sole. The higher cut of the boot provides more protection from ankle sprains.
  3. Backpacking Boots: These boots are high cut and have stiffer mid soles. The stiffer mid soles protect the foot from wrapping around every tree root and rock and therefore the feet won’t wear out as easily. These shoes are ideal for day to day hikes and for people carrying heavy loads (around 40lbs)

As a last note don’t forget to stretch after the hike! Focus on the calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Happy Hiking!


Arnheim’s Principles of Athletic Training 13th edition-William E. Prentice

Starting Blocks

Moveo patient and track athlete Camryn Yuen is a 15-year-old student at Carson Graham Secondary School. For a required school project, Camryn has come up with the idea to team up with the North Shore Neighbourhood House to create a non-profit organization called Starting Blocks.

Starting Blocks is a foundation that gets sports equipment to people who may be less fortunate and not able to afford the luxury of sports and the equipment that many of us take for granted. Through various events, Camryn hopes to create an inventory of donated sports equipment, running shoes, socks, sports wear, and money used to buy sports equipment and gift cards to sporting stores.

Moveo Sport & Rehabilitation Centre will also be supporting Starting Blocks! Moveo will be setting up a donation bin for sporting equipment in our waiting area. Everyone who brings equipment in will be entered in a draw to win a free massage therapy session! Moveo is proud to be affiliated with such a bright young student athlete and is thrilled to help her out on her quest!

To read more about Camryn Yuen, see our blog post: