Dr. Turner is a successful entrepreneur, athlete, and Chiropractor.  Jenn has worked diligently for many years to obtain her current success and she will continue to do so for years to come–always with a big smile on her face and enthusiasm.  We have been referring individuals between each other for 3 years and all of my clients are more than comfortable when they are treated by Dr. Turner.  Jenn always greets her patients with a warm presence.


In addition to Dr. Turner’s authentic enthusiasm, she is also an accomplished business woman.  She has been part owner of Moveo for years while starting a new clinic in Chilliwack with great success.  It is impressive and inspirational to watch Jenn achieve in business as it relates to improving her clients quality of life.


Jenn’s spare time is spent training in whatever endurance sport she decides to excel in, like triathlon or running.  This aspect of Jenn’s life helps her to connect with the large number of athletes that she treats on a daily basis.  She understands what an athlete experiences when experiencing an injury.


Finally, Dr. Turner is highly educated and utilizes her knowledge to creatively and effectively solve injuries in patients.  Not only do I refer my clients to Jenn with great success, but I am also a patient of hers.  The results that I have seen from Jenn’s work on clients has impressed me from day one of knowing of her.


It is without a doubt that there are few practitioners that can claim the same achievements in popularity, business, and athleticism.


-Ceilidh Beck, CSCS Strength & Conditioning Coach, Registered Kinesiologist and Owner of Beck Athletics