This is a brilliant blog post written by a colleague and school mate of all THREE of the chiropractors working at Movéo Sport & Rehabilitation Centre. Chiropractic can be a controversial form of treatment at times, mostly because people don’t know what to expect. There are many different types of chiropractors out there and this blog is a great description of the experience you will receive at MOVEO. We hope that this gives a little clarity on what CHIROPRACTIC is about at MOVEO.

I am a chiropractor.  But my definition of what a chiropractor is might be different than yours.  Is that because of the broad range of chiropractors out there?  Is that because of the assumptions and misnomers surrounding chiropractic?  Is that because of the way that I practice chiropractic?  Maybe it’s all of the above…

I am a chiropractor.  This is what I do:

I do treat pain related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system, and joints of the body.  I do not only treat back pain and neck pain.  I use rehabilitation exercises, Active Release, acupuncture, Graston, and adjustments.  I am a chiropractor who rolls around on the ground to demonstrate exercises.  I am a chiropractor who watches you run if it hurts when you run, and who watches you throw if it hurts when you throw.

I do believe that the adjustment is a powerful tool, but it’s one of many and it’s not always appropriate.  I do not only use adjustments when treating an injury.  I am a chiropractor who believes that less-invasive is better than more-invasive.  I am a chiropractor who pays attention to research.  I am a chiropractor who pays attention to my patients.  I am evidence-based.  I am holistic.

I do enjoy working with those who want to heal quickly and are willing to be an active participant in their care.  I do not only treat sports injuries and athletes.   I am a chiropractor who makes you work.  I am a chiropractor who doesn’t want to see you week after week for months.

I do believe that chiropractic can benefit children, and both my babies had their first chiropractic treatment when they were a few days old.  I do not only believe that chiropractic can benefit adults.  I am a chiropractor who thinks that we should get our bodies checked like we get our teeth checked.  I am a chiropractor who has been called a ‘body mechanic’.  I am a chiropractor who thinks anatomy is fascinating.

I do agree that many patients can benefit from wellness/maintenance care, but this is not the case for everyone.  I do not agree that ‘once you see a chiropractor once, you have to keep going’.  I am a chiropractor who thinks that you know your body better than I do.  I am a chiropractor who will find the source of the injury, not the symptom of the injury.  I am a chiropractor who will do my best to find a clear diagnosis and give you a careful explanation.  I am a doctor.

I do think that the chiropractic profession needs to do a better job of communicating to the public, so that patients can select a chiropractor that can best meet their needs.  I do not like that there is a great divide within our profession, leading to confusion surrounding what we can do.  I am a chiropractor who believes in a broad scope of practice.  I am a chiropractor who keeps taking courses to broaden my knowledge and abilities.  I am a chiropractor who thinks that chiropractic is not the answer for everything.

I am a chiropractor.