Massage therapy is a great way to relax. There are different massage therapy treatments for an array of purposes and people. This includes expectant mothers – but is massage therapy safe during pregnancy? 

What Is a Prenatal Massage? 

This form of massage therapy is tailored specifically to pregnant women. It targets the emotional, physical, and hormonal needs of expectant mothers at different stages of pregnancy. Special care is taken to accommodate the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. 

Massage therapy is safe during pregnancy. As long as your doctor gives the go-ahead, you can receive pregnancy massages as early as your first trimester. However, some massage therapists choose not to administer prenatal massage if you are in your first trimester. The first trimester is the most fragile stage of pregnancy, and most miscarriages occur during this period. 

If you have specific questions about pregnancy massage, contact Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre. The registered massage therapists at our Langley massage therapy clinic are happy to speak about any questions or concerns.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers can benefit from massage therapy in many ways. Here are a few of those benefits: 

Hormone regulation 

Massage therapy can help to regulate hormone levels in the body and encourage the production of good hormones. This regulation leads to improved cardiovascular health and better moods. Hormonal changes may also help to support an optimal environment during pregnancy and aid with childbirth. 

Relief from physical aches and pain 

Massage therapy relieves tension felt in the muscles and the inflamed nerves that are affected by pressure from the uterus. Inflammation of the nerves can cause pain – specifically in the sciatic nerve – which runs from the lumbar spine down to your legs. Sciatic nerve pain tends to affect women in the late stage of pregnancy. Prenatal massage can also relieve joint, neck, and back pain. 

Reduced swelling

Most expectant mothers will experience joint swelling at some point in their pregnancy.  Swelling is caused by an increase in blood and fluid produced during pregnancy, which increases the pressure on tissues and blood vessels in the body. . Massage therapy stimulates the body’s soft tissues to reduce the excess collection of fluids – thus decreasing swelling. 

Fewer prenatal complications

In one study from the University of Miami School of Medicine, women who benefitted from prenatal massage therapy had a 75% lower premature birth rate and an 80% lower incidence of low birth weight. 

Expectant mothers who get massage therapy also enjoy improved sleep and relaxation, as well as lower rates of leg cramping, headaches, sinus congestion, and carpal tunnel. 

Does Pregnancy Massage Have Any Risks?

While massage therapy can be beneficial during pregnancy, it is essential to go to a reputable and accredited Langley massage therapy clinic. The techniques used during pregnancy massages are different than those used for people who aren’t pregnant and prenatal massage techniques may be modified to suit the needs of expectant mothers. It would still be helpful to discuss any pre-existing conditions with your doctor to determine if prenatal massage is appropriate for you. 

Your Langley Massage Therapy Clinic

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