Written and Edited by Student Kinesiologist Janice Leung with contributions from Dr. Kim Graham, Dr. Jenn Turner, Sonya Scheer and Jason Shane

“The pain in my knee hasn’t gone away. I think I have an injury. Should I see a physiotherapist or chiropractor? Massage therapist? What about an acupuncturist (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine)?”

Does this sound familiar to you? When a nagging ache or pain doesn’t go away, it’s a debacle that everyone faces. With the rise of the internet, googling about an injury is an easy knee-jerk reaction. Even with the plethora of information on the internet, it can be overwhelming and confusing to determine what will help you to recover the fastest and return to pain-free frolicking (the frolicking part is always optional).

At Movéo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre, we approach patient care as a unique multidisciplinary team that includes several therapies and treatment modalities. Sometimes we have patients that are still unsure about who would be most appropriate to see, or especially what each therapist does. Today we’ll be going through each type of treatment at Movéo to dispel common misconceptions and give insight to what they can do for you.



What it is: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more than just acupuncture. Although acupuncture is the most well-known practice of TCM, the practice of TCM includes the use of herbal and dietary therapies, as well as massage (tui na and acupressure) and exercise prescription. TCM and Acupuncture are not only for adults; children can benefit from them too!

What it isn’t: Acupuncture isn’t only for pain. Many illnesses may be treated using acupuncture including digestive disorders, gynecological/menstrual disorders (infertility, PMS, menopause, etc.), mental/emotional concerns (anxiety, depression, post-partum, etc.), migraine headaches, and stress management to name a few.



What it is: Active Rehabilitation at Movéo involves one-on-one sessions with a Kinesiologist that will create individualized programs to return clients back to work, sport and daily activities. Clients will learn how to move with correct posture, body mechanics and proper technique to maximize recovery and prevent re-injury.

What it isn’t: Active Rehabilitation at Movéo isn’t just for those that have sustained a motor vehicle accident (ICBC Claim) or work place injury (WCB Claim). It can be for anyone that is struggling with injuries and would benefit from an active approach to injury rehabilitation. It isn’t just general strength training either. The goal is to ensure that clients receive the knowledge base and tools to continue exercising and functioning at home or at the gym and avoid future injuries.



What it is: Chiropractic involves a broad scope of practice that includes but is not limited to Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, and rehabilitation exercises. Chiropractors will work with patients to determine and correct the sources, not solely the symptoms of an injury.

What it isn’t: Chiropractic at Movéo isn’t limited to adjustments. Rather, they are utilized when most appropriate in conjunction with other techniques. Movéo Chiropractic isn’t “once-you-start-seeing-a-chiropractor, -you-have-to-keep-going-type-of-chiropractic”. We like to find the problem and fix it, or work with a different type of therapist that can!



What it is: Registered Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue to prevent injury, pain and physical disorders. Massage Therapy will treat symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction. Massage Therapists use hands-on techniques that can provide immediate relief, as well as long term benefits by working on the muscles, fascia, ligaments, blood vessels and nervous system. At Movéo we are all dedicated to educating you on injury prevention and management techniques. We work together with our Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor to provide a team approach for your health.

What it isn’t: Registered Massage Therapy isn’t just for relaxation. Therapeutic techniques can be used to relax the nervous system or energize it. Do you have an upcoming sporting event? Massage Therapy will increase circulation, improve response time and prepare your muscles for action.



What it is: Physiotherapy is finding the cause of a person’s pain and not just treating the symptoms. Physiotherapists use a hands-on approach to clinically assess and diagnose injuries and dysfunctions. Movéo Physiotherapists have extensive post-graduate training in many topics including sport and orthopedics, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

What it isn’t: Physiotherapy isn’t just home exercises. Physiotherapists are also trained in soft tissue massage, joint manipulations and dry needling, and incorporate each when appropriate for the patient.



What it is: A group of like-minded therapists from different backgrounds that collaborate through close communication and teamwork to ensure that each patient capitalizes on the specialties of the therapies available to them at our unique clinic.

What it isn’t: The team isn’t a collection of super practitioners to attract patients. Nor does it mean that a patient must receive treatment from every type of therapy offered at Movéo. There is neither a single best type of therapy nor specific combination of therapy that is necessary for every patient. The coordinated effort of the multidisciplinary team guarantees that each patient receives the appropriate individualized treatment at the right time.‎‎ The team concept also means that we will communicate with you and your medical team to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal.


If you want to learn more, explore our website to see all the services that we offer. Also feel free to peruse our online booking system, which will allow you get to know more about each of our practitioners through their bios!