Moveo just celebrated its 8th birthday at the end of July! We’ve found a niche here on the North Shore, and LOVE our team of talented practitioners, our active clientele, and our amazing community! We’ve outgrown our current clinic space and need someone bigger and better to do what we do best. November 3rd, 2014, we will be closing the clinic on Lonsdale and 15th, and will be opening our NEW doors just down the street at 1133 Lonsdale at our NEW MOVEO location.

The building, which may be familiar to North Shore residents, used to be the home of the North Shore News before the building burned down. After they built the new building, Unit #102, which is now ours, sat empty for a few years before we decided it would be the PERFECT location for our new clinic. The process hasn’t been easy, and owners and chiropractors Jenn and Sarah have certainly been put through the paces and have learned many lessons in patience, business, construction and partnership, but the payoff will be so sweet, as we have witnessed this transition from ground up, creating exactly what we feel will be the absolute best environment for our staff and patients to enjoy! Working with OMB’s design team (, Kang+Kang Consulting Group Ltd. ( and FUSION ( the space is nearly ready for action!

With a similar layout to current Moveo, but double the square footage, new Moveo will have an bright, modern, friendly reception area, and just freshen our look a little bit. We have stuck with the open space concept gym and curtained treatment area that is twice the size of our current rehab gym.

Adding a few more treatment rooms was a priority. Going from 2 rooms to 5 rooms will make a difference in accommodating patients for massage therapy and acupuncture. A few extras to make life easier for our staff, like an office, a kitchen and charting area, as well as a file storage room, have been added to the ‎floor plan as well.

One of our biggest changes will be our new online booking system! The program known as “Jane” will allow our patients the convenience of booking with any of our practitioners ONLINE!  The frustration of trying to get the “perfect” treatment time, has come to an end as this system is super easy to use, it even emails or texts your reminder the day before to ensure you avoid paying that late cancellation fee. (

We will have a pay parking lot underneath the clinic with the e‎ntrance at the rear of the building. There is some street parking around in addition.

With all this excitement happening, we are going to have a party to celebrate! November 22nd from 2:00-5:00 pm is our grand opening! There will be prizes, draws, demonstrations and some Olympians, and other special guests may be making an appearance.

We hope everyone else is as excited as us for the fresh new look!