NormaTec is an innovative tool for enhancing recovery from a wide range of athletic endeavours.  Initially used by elite athletes in endurance sports, NormaTec is quickly spreading among all fitness levels as a clean, simple, yet very effective recovery tool.

Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation Center have recently acquired this innovative treatment tool. The patient wears two full-legged boots, which are pumped with air in a given pattern. The generated compression massages the lower limbs to increase circulation, reducing inflammation and edema. This speeds up the repair of microtrauma to tissue, which occurs during workouts.

NormaTec works by intermittently using massage and compression to increase circulation in the lower extremities.  The increased circulation reduces inflammation and edema and repairs micro trauma to the tissues from high levels of fitness.  It uses the body’s own defence and repair systems to improve circulation and heal the body between workouts, training, or races.

NormaTec is unique from other compression pumps. It uses its patented Sequential Pulse Technology that imitates normal physiology. Unlike traditional compression therapy that uses one single pressure, NormaTec uses a dynamic pulse. This mimics and enhances the body’s natural muscle pumps. It propels fluids up and out of the legs, flushing the limbs of inflammation. And while the pulsing pressure works its magic in one area, there is a static pressure held just below. This mechanic is similar to rolling up the end of a toothpaste tube. It prevents backflow and accumulation of fluid in the bottom area, allowing maximum pulse pressure to work the fluid up. This copies the action of the one-way valves in our veins.

NormaTec was originally developed to help medical patients with circulatory or edema issues recover more quickly and fully.  It is still used widely in medicine to aid recovery from disease, injury, and surgical procedures.  Its effectiveness as an athletic recovery tool has become apparent in more recent years, and the newer NormaTec Sports Medicine version is designed especially for athletes.

Moveo Sport and Rehabilitation Centre is pleased to offer NormaTec as a part of their treatment options for anyone dealing with fitness related micro trauma, pre/post training recovery, and any physiological condition that involves inflammation or edema.

Gary Robbins, a local elite endurance athlete, used NormaTec most recently in preparation for the H.U.R.T. 100-mile run in Hawaii. He smashed his old course record, finishing strong with a time of 19:35.

“I have been experimenting with the NormaTec for a few months now, having seen that it was used by numerous Olympic athletes in London. So far I use it via Moveo once a week and I schedule my hardest run of the week around my ability to access the NormaTec. The chamber style set up of the compression that flushes out the legs has certainly contributed to much less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and hence faster recovery times and the ability to train harder after a big effort.”

“What I truly love about the NormaTec though is that you don’t have to do anything but sit there and let it work away on your legs. I usually bring in a book or read my favourite blog for the thirty minutes of recovery. I use it every week and I’m saving up for my own so that one day I can hopefully use it on a daily basis. Anything that shows up on Olympic athletes, and medal-winning Olympians at that, is certainly something that I want in my own personal repertoire!” – GR

The Canadian National Cycling Team has also been lucky enough to use NormaTec as a regular part of their racing as recovery over the past few years:

“BMX racing is a very high intensity and high consequence sport. In order to train and perform at my best, I put my body through a lot! It is no surprise then, that a visit to Moveo Sport and Rehab Center is a regular occurrence for me. Dr. Jenn Turner and the rest of the staff make Moveo such a positive and fun environment. They have such a wealth of knowledge in so many different areas and are always on the leading edge with research and technology. Before or after my treatments I often use the Normatech recovery pants for a full lower body flush. Having the opportunity to use this equipment not only makes my legs feel great, but it also allows Jenn more time to work on the areas that really need it.
Thanks for keeping me on top, especially when I end up upside-down!”

Mischa Partridge
Canadian National BMX Team

Moveo chiropractor and owner Dr Jenn Turner works with the Canadian Olympic cyclists. Here is the bronze-winning Team Pursuit Cycling team enjoying the wonders of NormaTec between races at the 2012 London Olympics:

Moveo will be offering a FREE NORMATEC WEEK from April 29th to May 3rd, 2013. Thirty-minute NormaTec treatments will be offered free of charge all week, on a first-come-first served basis. There are limited appointment times, so call soon! Regular treatments are $10 per session.

To book your free appointment, call Moveo at 604-984-8731.