Athletic Therapy


Working with an Athletic Therapist can help improve your physical function and get you back to pain free movement whether that is a recreational activity or high-level sport.

Graduating from one of only seven programs in the country, Athletic Therapists complete a bachelor’s degree specializing in injury prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal (bone, joint, and muscle) conditions.

Athletic Therapists are skilled in manual techniques, a range of therapeutic modalities, taping/bracing, and exercise rehabilitation. As certified emergency first responders, Athletic Therapists are often known for their work on the field assessing and managing acute sports injuries. As experts in exercise rehabilitation working in a clinical setting, Athletic Therapists use a variety of therapies to reduce pain, restore function, and help clients return to activity.

Athletic Therapy can help if you are looking for:

  • Management of acute or reoccurring injuries
  • A thorough functional assessment
  • Hands-on treatment and corrective exercise
  • Sport specific rehabilitation
  • Return to play exercise programming

More information about can be found at the Canadian Athletic Therapy Associate website