We pride ourselves at Moveo on working with our patients to figure out the best treatment plan possible for their needs. Not everyone needs the same kind of treatment or care. What works for one person or injury, might not work for the next. We listen to what you have to tell us and we will make sure what we’re doing is helpful and keep you motivated along the way.

The following testimonial illustrates this process. This patient came in with a severe injury and received many different treatments. Working closely with physiotherapist, Larissa Vishniakoff, this patient felt both supported by Moveo and simultaneously in control of his own recovery. It’s a great success story!

“On March 11, 2012 I suffered a serious accident while working on the railway when I was run over by the rail cars we were switching out and my foot was seriously crushed, my ankle was compound fractured and my rib was broken. After the first surgery I was told that the foot would likely not be very viable and I would eventually need a prosthetic foot. However, they did eventually save the foot with further reconstructive surgery, but the chances of returning to work to my original conductors job would be next to impossible given the amount of damage suffered and the demands of climbing up and down ladders and walking on gravel and uneven ground. After much wound care to save the foot from infection (thank God for the nurses and silver dressing), I was able to begin physio. After starting off with Herman at Moveo, Larissa came on.

I received physio treatments every Tuesday and Thursday from September through June, 10 months. This involved exercises, acupuncture, stretching and massage. I could not have asked for better care. Larissa was able to implement the precise strategy to restore muscles in my foot that eventually helped me to recover sufficiently to return to my original job which Work Safe was arguing that I’d never be able to given the severity of the injury. Larissa was in my court the whole time, stressing and advocating that I was continually making progress and not to dismiss my return so quickly.

While the physio care, massage, and acupuncture was all amazingly thorough, what I really noticed the biggest difference with Moveo was that while Larissa would push me at times, she listened to me when it was too much and eased off, where that was not always the case with other injuries I’d received treatment for in the past, and would be set back because of.

Larissa and Moveo played a huge part in my recovery, and I’m now back to work as a road conductor, taking on even bigger challenges and even more gainfully employed than I could have ever hoped or for awhile thought was possible.

Thanks to Larissa for never giving up or compromising, I continued to make progress.

I hope for everyone who is injured that they will find the same help I did from Moveo.