We believe healthy kids make healthy adults. It’s why we love initiatives like ACTIVE IN SCHOOL where many organizations have come together to help kids learn to appreciate a healthy lifestyle through education and physical activity while in school. It’s also why when Dr Kim Graham was given the opportunity to discuss her own career choice as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, she jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity for her to share her love of helping people heal.

Dr Graham was invited by North Vancouver School District to speak about what it means to be an acupuncturist and a doctor of TCM. She spoke about how she uses acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage and other hands-on methods in conjunction with western medicine to treat disease and injury. She shared how she also teaches classes to others on how to do these things and gives educational talks to schools and various groups, as well as writes articles for many publications. She discussed her career path and what kind of education she received to get to where she is today and what she sees as the future of traditional Chinese medicine careers.

Her favourite part was talking about how much she loves her job. She sees it as a fast-growing and dynamic field with lots of opportunities for more people to join in the world of TCM practice. Dr Graham found the experience to be very rewarding as she saw eyes light up before her at the possibility of helping others through such a worthy and healthy career.

We at Moveo love to talk with classes and groups about the ways we can help you and how you can help yourself. Dr Kim Graham is just one of us who available to share her story and love of traditional Chinese medicine with your group. Email us to learn more! info@moveo.ca