Sonya Scheer


Registered Massage Therapist


Welcome to Moveo’s newest team member, Sonya Scheer!  Sonya is a registered massage therapist who works with chronic injury rehabilitation and pain management, and specializes in TMJ management.  We are excited about the level of experience and knowledge Sonya brings to Moveo.

Sonya trained as a RMT with the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy, graduating from the college’s notorious 3,000 hour curricular program.  She works with chronic injury rehabilitation and pain management by employing deep tissue and myofascial massage techniques to increase mobility and return the body to optimal performance.  She primarily uses fascial, trigger point release, and muscle stripping, while also incorporating Swedish techniques to aid relaxation.

Sonya has extensive training and performance experience as a ballet dancer.  Twenty years as a dancer have given her a deep appreciation for the importance of flexibility and strength conditioning, and ignited her passion for massage therapy as she received treatment for her own dance injuries.  Her athletic experience has provided her with insight and empathy for injuries, chronic pain, and the specific demands required of the athletic body.

We are excited to add to our team such a dynamic and motivated individual.