A new look and some snappy content…

We are very excited to pull back the curtains on our new Moveo website. Designed by Christie at Flying Horse Design Studio, the new site brings our online presence up to date, and mirrors the changes that have happened in the clinic in the last few months.

Here’s a preview of some of the new features:

Getting Social

We’re already pretty social animals, but the new website brings our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels right to the front page. Follow us online to keep up with the latest chatter in the clinic, and ensure that you don’t miss out on exciting events, such as the Olympic bronze medal winning cyclists visiting the clinic on September 28th.

Our Blog and Newsletter

The blog and newsletter are central to our vision of supporting people on the North Shore who are passionate about sport, health and the outdoors. Each week we’ll post stories and case studies that help you make healthy choices and support your body. We’ll also highlight interesting events, seminars and offers in the local community, and keep you abreast of all that happens in the clinic.


It’s always been our goal to educate our clients to help them sustain the benefits of our services during their daily lives. Over the years our team has written hundreds of articles on preventing injury, building strength, stretching and recovery; all these are organized in the resources section, and each month we’ll add more to keep it up to date.

Team & Services

Our team and services sections help you get a sense of what we have to offer before you visit the clinic. Each of our practitioners brings their own skills, experience and passion to the treatment room. That experience and passion combines to create what we believe is the most holistic sport rehabilitation clinic on the North Shore.


We don’t like to brag…but, many of the Moveo team have been featured in local and national press for their work and we’re very proud of them. Whether it’s Jenn Turner’s hands on experience at the London Olympic Games, or our team’s participation at this year’s Coho Run; we want to shout about it! We’ll link to articles and news stories as they come out, keep your eyes peeled.

Our New Patient Intake Form

Last, but not least. We want our website to help people find us, learn about our services, and book their first appointment. Our New Patient Intake Form is downloadable on our website and helps make your first appointment with us a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Thanks for checking us out. We welcome feedback on the new site, and look forward to travelling with you as you continue to get into your bodies and the outdoors.